Our Mission

Inspired by Christ and St. Francis of Assisi, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach cares for people in need through recovery and world-wide distribution of life-saving medical supplies and equipment.

Upcoming events

Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and Robert's Seafood will once again host Abundance Live on Saturday, November 4 at Piper Glen Golf Club, Springfield.

Enjoy French Quarter Cuisine with live music inspired by a Louisiana blend of jazz and blues, drinks, appetizers and much more.

Click Here for ticket information.

Recent World Disasters

Our hearts are heavy for those affected by the recent natural disasters around the world, and we are currently in contact with organizations in the areas affected by these devastating storms in order to identify opportunities to assist and will provide information soon. 

As an international aid organization, we are not designed for natural disasters. However, we provide assistance, when possible, and are mindful of these guidelines that are offered by crisis intervention specialists:

1. Search and rescue is the first step. Do not strain local infrastructure (roads and hotels) unless you are part of the search and rescue.

2. Be aware of not only the infrastructure but congested transportation problems that could arise early on in a crisis such as flooded and damaged roadways, an increase in emergency vehicles and individuals evacuating could create delays.

3. Organizations offering donated items should make certain that the items they can provide are needed. Additionally, organizations must make sure that they have local partners able to store and distribute the

To make an immediate impact, consider a monetary gift to:

American Red CrossCatholic Charities USASamaritan's Purse

nurse listening to child's lungs

We address the serious unmet medical needs of people in developing countries by collecting, repairing, packaging, and distributing medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics around the world. While our work may sound like simple redistribution of medical things, it is so much more than that. We make a difference.

Mission Outreach is dedicated to serving others through our Core Values of Respect, Care, Competence, and Joy.

Since our founding in 2002,
Mission Outreach has:

  • Improved healthcare quality and saved lives in 87 developing countries around the world.

  • Provided doctors, nurses, medical staff, volunteers, and family caregivers with the tools necessary to provide healing, hope, and joy to people who live in areas where poverty and disease are rampant.

  • Equipped 530 medical mission organizations with medical supplies and equipment.

  • Saved and redistributed 9 million pounds of surplus medical equipment and supplies valued at over $60 million that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

  • Made a difference because of the support of countless people throughout the world.
baby laying on a bed holding someone's hand
lady holding a baby
mission team accepting a donation